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Wedding Flower Overview

Something you see at every wedding, regardless of size of theme, is flowers. By placing flowers at the front of the church, you create a romantic ambience while bringing color and a sweet fragrance to the ceremony. Interestingly, the fragrance of the flowers was at one time considered a way of warding off evil spirits and smells. Today, it is simply because it adds to the overall wedding. Regardless of the type of flower you choose, you can be sure they will offer the perfect touch for your wedding day.

The hard part is trying to choose the flowers you want. For instance, there are thousands of species from which to choose. Therefore, you should start by knowing your budget so you can choose beautiful flowers that fall within your financial means. To make the best choices, consider the following recommendations to make the planning process much easier and more enjoyable.

Remember that you want flowers that will withstand the test of time. After all, flowers will be cut several days before they are arranged and used in the wedding so you need to choose species that are hardy and durable. The key is choosing flowers that have longstanding blooms. If you are unsure which species to choose, you can work with your local florist.

You also want to choose a color that will enhance and complement the colors in your wedding. Keep in mind that the colors do not need to match identically. For example, if you were having mauve for your wedding, you could choose flowers that are any shade of mauve and not necessarily an exact match. Additionally, you want to choose lush greenery that will complete the look of the bouquets.

Walking into a church for a wedding and getting a whiff of fragrant flowers is magical. Therefore, choose flowers that are not just beautiful but also fragrant. Excellent options include Gardenias, Freesia, and Jasmine.

The season is crucial to choosing flowers, especially when it comes to price. For the best freshness and cost, you want to choose flowers that are currently in season, and preferably flowers that are grown in your local area. This means the flowers will not be cut and shipped from across the country, only to arrive and last a day or two before dying. When you buy in season and locally, the flowers will last much longer and not cost you a fortune.

Finally, choose unique flowers. Whether you are planning a casual or formal wedding, you want your flowers to reflect your individual taste. Do not be afraid to try new things to achieve this.

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