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Wedding Flower Preservation

After spending months and significant money choosing the perfect flowers for your wedding, it seems such a shame to throw them out. The good news is that you do not have to. By knowing how to preserve your flowers, you can keep them for a lifetime. You might choose to have a professional preserve your flowers for you, or you can do it yourself. If you choose to have the flowers done for you, typically, the moisture from the petals will be extracted and then the flowers displayed in a hanging bouquet or in a shadow box.

Displaying the flowers in a shadow box is a sleek way to keep your flowers where you and other people can enjoy them. The nice thing about using a shadow box is that in addition to the flowers, you can add a copy of your wedding program, the garter, the wedding topper, and other keepsakes in one place. In most cases, the bouquet would be dried so that its original shape is maintained.

Having your flowers pressed is another viable option. In this case, they would be dried flat and then you can have them matted in a frame where they can be hung on the wall and enjoyed. Sometimes, people will create a special display such as a copy of the wedding program or a special poem as the background and then the petals are added to the sides, top, and bottom as the border, along with being sprinkled on the bottom.

Potpourri is yet another option. To enhance the natural fragrance of the flowers, you can use scented oils. The potpourri can then be displayed in a glass container that sits on a coffee table or end table, or if you prefer, you can add the potpourri to a heated burner that fills the room with the sweet, scent of the oil.

If you want to preserve the flowers on your own, the process is not difficult. Start by tying the stems of the bouquet together, and then find a dark, dry place where you hang the bouquet upside down. The reason this is important is that this process ensures the texture and shape of the flowers are maintained. Just make sure that you check the petals and once dry, remove the bouquet from its position. If it is left hanging too long, then it will begin to lose its shape. Once the flowers are dried, you can then decide how you want them displayed permanently.

To press your own flowers, you need a heavy book, such as a thick phonebook, a sheet of newspaper, and paper towels. For this option, you would lay the petals in between two sheets of paper towels. Next, lay the newspaper on the inside of the phonebook, about halfway in. Lay the petals on the newspaper and then carefully close the book. To ensure the petals dry as flat as possible, you should then add something heavy on top of the phonebook. You need to leave the flowers for about three to six weeks, until the flowers are dry. Just be sure you check them from time to time to check for mildew.

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