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When it comes to choosing flowers for a wedding, most couples quickly discover that they have far more options than they knew. After all, thousands of flowers are available from which to choose, depending on the location where you live. You will find contemporary weddings with magnificent hibiscus or orchids, beach weddings with traditional Hawaiian lei flowers or other intimate weddings with carnations and daisies. However, one flower that everyone loves and that wouldwork beautifully with any type of wedding is the ROSE!

The rose is a romantic flower that can be found just about anywhere, they come in a huge array of colors and color combinations, sizes, and even fragrances. Adding a rose to your wedding ceremony is an excellent way to bring in wonderful color while also keeping to a reasonable budget. If you want to use this traditional flower for your wedding and reception, the following are some suggestions on how you can utilize their beauty to the fullest.

For the church, you can have two red roses placed in front of or to the side of the unity candle. These roses will represent your love, respect, and passion for each other. Then, you can create circular wreaths of miniature roses that could be hung on the end of the inside pews, as a way of adding color and fragrance. These will also serve as a guide for the guests and bride. At the altar, you could have several different arrangements placed. These could be all the same color or a mixture of color, typically red, white, and/or yellow. Finally, the brides bouquet could be designed with all roses or other flowers and miniature roses in the middle.

For the bridal party, you have several great options for using roses. For starters, each of the women could carry a miniature bouquet similar to that of the brides bouquet. Another great option is to create combs or barrettes for their hair that have been adorned with miniature, fresh or silk roses. Then for the flower girl, a headpiece made from fresh roses and streaming ribbon would be ideal.

Even the wedding cake can be embellished with roses. In this case, you can use fresh roses, rose petals, silk roses, or even rose flowers made from fondant or sugar. Many couples are not having the top tier of the wedding cake adorned with a small arrangement of fresh flowers and then the icing enhanced with sugar flowers. The result is magnificent colorful and romantic.

Finally, for your wedding reception, you can have centerpieces consisting of a single rose in a tall, thin vase with the base consisting of various types of leaves, ribbon, and a few rose petals. This look is simple yet elegant.

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