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Choosing flowers for a wedding can be an overwhelming decision. When planning your wedding, you will soon discover that you have hundreds of choices for flowers, which is why the decision is so difficult. However, if you want a beautiful and romantic flower, you can never go wrong by choosing roses.

The nice thing about roses is that with so many different species, colors, and sizes, this particular flower is perfect for any wedding. For instance, if you were planning a formal, traditional wedding, then bouquets of red roses with babys beath would be wonderful. If the wedding were less formal, you could choose pink or yellow roses but then if you were to have an outside wedding, miniature roses would be a perfect choice. To give you some ideas of how roses would enhance your wedding, consider the following:


By the Unity Candle, you could place a single red rose next to the individual taper candles, which symbolizes respect and love. Another way to use roses in a church is to create miniature, hanging arrangements that are tied onto the end of each pew with coordinating ribbon. The flower girl could scatter rose petals as she makes her way down the aisle and the throw away bouquet could also be enriched with roses.

Wedding Party

The Maid of Honor could carry a bouquet of roses similar to the bride but not as ornate and smaller. Then, the Bridesmaids could each wear rose wreaths on their head, have delicate wrists sprays, or carry loose bundles of roses or a single stem. For the Best Man and Groomsmen, roses in the lapels with nosegays would be ideal.

Reception Flower

For the cake topping, you could have a stunning spray of fresh roses placed on the top tier. However, another option is to have the roses made from sugar. By working with a confectionary artist, the flowers will look so real, no one will know the difference.

Reception Décor

Another great idea for the reception is to have rose petals scattered about the wedding table and on the dance floor. Then for each of the guest tables, set a simple vase with one single rose, accented with greenery on top of a square piece of mirror. Around the base, you can sprinkle a few rose petals to complete the look.

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