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Flower Tips II

For your upcoming wedding, you will have many different choices to make, which includes the type of flowers to choose. Although it might seem like an easy task, once you discover all the beautiful choices, the decision becomes more challenging. The one thing you want to remember is that you need to allow plenty of time for the flowers in that it will provide you the opportunity to consider all your options but it will also help the florist should you choose a type of flower that takes more planning to order. We have provided some very helpful tips to make this aspec of your wedding planning simple and fun.

If you want exotic flowers or a specific designer, you will need to book as far out from the wedding date as possible. First, ordering flowers that are not grown locally or easy to find takes time. Second, if the designer is so talented, you will not be the only one that wants his or her service. Therefore, to ensure you get the person you want, you need to book early.

Remember always to be honest with the florist. After all, they probably do not know you and are going on what you say to provide recommendations. For this reason, if you have your heart set on one thing but the florist suggests something that you do not care for, tell him or her. That way, the florist can create exactly what you like but you have to be honest.

Make sure the florist has years of experience catering to weddings. This will ensure that you have the right height and type of centerpiece, that the floral displays at the front of the church complement the wedding rather than take all the attention, and that the flowers are delivered fresh and on time.

If you want to have your centerpieces decorated with vases, candles, greenery, and so on, before you run out and start buying vases, candleholders, and so on, ask the florist if they provide any of these items on a rental basis. It is quite common for florists to have warehouses filled with all types of wedding props. Because of this, they can often offer very elaborate items for rent that would otherwise cost you a fortune.

Always make sure you know the name and contact phone number of your on-site coordinator. This way, should the flowers not show up on time or items are missing, you know exactly who to call for resolution.

Get everything in writing. Weddings are all about contracts (or they should be), which are for you and the vendors protection. Make sure your floral contract includes the type and number of flowers that will be delivered, information about setup and take down, replacement items should something be damaged or not show up, the name of your contact, as well as the florists guarantee and refund policies.

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