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When you arrive as a guest of a wedding, what is the very first thing you notice? The answer is flowers, which create a romantic and magical atmosphere. They are the first indication of the style of the wedding and wedding colors. Flowers also serve as a focal point prior to the wedding that coupled with soft music playing in the background set the tone of the entire event. Therefore, for your own wedding, you want to choose the right type and color of church flowers, as well as the other flowers that will be used in the ceremony.

The best option i to work with a qualified florist who can work with you to determine the type of arrangement that will work best with size and lighting of the church. The florist can also provide you with appropriate ideas in relation to the season in which you are getting married along with the colors or theme of the wedding. To give you some recommendations for various types of weddings, consider the following:
  • Formal, elaborate weddings Use ribbons and flowers on the inside end of each pew to add color and guide guests to the pews

  • Jewish weddings Wedding vows are exchanged under a Chuppah, which is located at the altar and covered with beautiful greenery and fresh flowers

  • Outdoor weddings Set up an archway at the beginning of the aisle and then at the front for the bride and groom to stand under and cover both with fresh, vibrant colored flowers

  • Wedding reception The flowers that adorned the front of the church can be moved to the reception location and placed on the wedding party table as the centerpiece and accent pieces
When interviewing florists, make sure they have served other weddings. This experience can make the difference between having a gorgeous wedding and one without flowers. You will need a written contract that is signed by both the florist and the bride or groom that includes the date of the wedding, the time of arrival, the type of each flower arrangement, and the cost of each. Then, the contract should also include the total cost of the order, which will include the cost of the flowers, accessories, delivery, setup, and tax.

For the tables at the reception, you can have small floral arrangements made to add color and interest. Usually, a florist will give you a good price when ordering multiple arrangements of the same kind. If you want to save a little money, you might consider having plants rather than fresh flowers or even silk flowers.

If the reception is being held during the evening, you can create a romantic ambience by placing a tall taper candle in the center of each table surrounded by fresh flower petals or a little bit of greenery, place an odd number of votive candles around the room such as walkways, windowsills, and the bathrooms, each set with scattered flower petals, or a single rose in a vase with a few candles placed around the base.

When it comes to choosing the right type of flower, you will find hundreds of options that range from simplistic to elaborate and low cost to expensive. Along with the traditional flowers of roses, carnations, daisies, orchids, and lilies, you might consider flowers that are a little unique and not used as often. Some of these might include:
  • Apple Blossoms Good Fortune
  • Bluebells Constancy
  • Blue Violets Faithfulness
  • Forget-me-Nots True Love
  • Orange Blossoms Purity and Fertility

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