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Bridemaids Gift Ideas

The bridesmaids in your wedding will be women in your life who are special to you. Sometimes, the bridesmaids are sisters, sometimes friends, and sometimes other relatives. Regardless, as the bride, your responsibility is to offer each of them a special gift, as a way of thanking them for participating in your wedding and helping you with the planning stage.

Typically, the bride would try to choose gifts that are specific to that person. Now, one way to do this while keeping things even is to buy each woman the same thing but with different focuses. For instance, let us say that you decided to buy each of the women a piece of hair jewelry. Now, this gift is even so no one feels left out but then you can customize the gift. Therefore, the bridesmaid that loves animals could receive a butterfly, and the one that loves flowers could get a flower piece of hair jewelry, and so on.

Other excellent gift ideas include the following:
  • Small box of Godiva chocolate in a gold box, tied with a beautiful ribbon

  • Perfume and an ornate atomizer

  • Candles that help with relaxation

  • Bubble bath or spa minerals and a fluffy washcloth and hand towel

  • Pottery, ceramic, or cooking classes

  • A day of rock climbing, horseback riding, kayaking, and so on

  • Time at a full-treatment day spa

  • Manicure and pedicure

  • Gift basket filled with crackers, cheese, and a nice bottle of wine

  • Set of makeup brushes

  • Linen handkerchief with the initials embroidered

  • Concert tickets so all of you can enjoy time together

  • Gourmet coffees and teas, along with a beautiful cup

  • Faux ostrich feather and beaded evening bag

  • Hand-blown vase or a piece of Murano Italian glass

  • Silver or pewter photo frame with a photo of you and that woman

  • Gorgeous stationary to include paper, envelopes, wax, and sealer

  • A special movie package to include tickets and certificate for popcorn and drinks
As you can see, you can be as creative as you like. Just put the women first and you will be amazed at the wonderful gift ideas you come up with. If you plan to have a winter wedding or one around Christmas, you could have crystal tree ornaments created with each of their names.

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