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One of the most popular wedding gifts is china. As the bride and groom, you will need to determine the type of pattern you like so that can be registered. After all, when it comes to china, there are thousands of patterns, some very ornate and sophisticated and others more simplistic. To help you determine the type of pattern that matches your personal preference and lifestyle, the following tips will help:


Fine china, which includes bone and porcelain, is fired at very high temperatures. Although these types of china are delicate, the firing helps make them stronger and more durable. The difference between bone and porcelain china is the content.

For example, bone china is comprised of ask, which can barely be seen. For this type of china, if you were to hold it to light, you would be able to see through it. Additionally, if you tap bone china lightly, you would hear a sound much like a bell.

Now, porcelain china is actually made of white or pale gray clay that is highly refined. Like the bone china, porcelain is also almost translucent. Additionally, porcelain china is very strong, being able to withstand high temperatures. Depending on the type of porcelain you choose, it may or may not be dishwasher safe. However, if you choose a pattern with gold or platinum trim, then you would always want to hand wash.


When it comes to choosing a pattern for your wedding registry is really one of personal choice. The only thing you want to remember is that china is not cheap, meaning it is a long-term investment so while you might like something a little unusual at a young age, you might want to consider how you will feel about that pattern in 10 or 20 years.

Now, one option that has become very popular is to choose patterns that can mix and match. That way, you have a beautiful coordinating set of china but not all the pieces are identical. This creates a stunning table setting and chances are that you will like the china longer.


China will also come in different sizes, shapes, and weights. Therefore, you want to choose a style that has the proportion you are comfortable with. Take the coffee cups for example some pieces of china will have very small, dainty handles. While that might be fine for a person with small hands, if you were to offer your new father-in-law coffee in the china cup, his hands may not be able to hold it well.

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