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Donating Wedding Gifts

An excellent way to manage your wedding is by finding ways to use things that have been donated, choose things that send contributions to various charities, or give items from the wedding to a charity after being used. To explain this better, consider some of the following situations.

For starters, when you give gifts to your bridal party, you might consider buying from a company that gives a percentage of the price to charity. That way, you are not just buying something special for the people that have stood with you inyour wedding, but also benefited a great organization. For example, is one such company that sells a wide array of gifts and then turns around and donates part of the money to your choice of 11 wonderful charities.

Another possibility is associated with the wedding favorites. Typically, you buy some type of favor for the guests and take a risk that some will like it and others will not. However, if you want to offer your guests with a favor that they will love and cherish, why not donate money to a charity in each of the guests name, giving them a card stating that they have given the gift of life. Organizations such as hospice can always use the money and this is an excellent gift.

Why not donate the wedding gown and bridal gowns to charitable organizations after the wedding. Instead of the gowns just sitting in a closet where they will never be used again, you could donate them to an organization so less fortunate brides and bridesmaids can also look beautiful. This way, even people on a tight budget can have their dream wedding.

Another opportunity for donating would be to find a local food bank, homeless shelter, or womens synergy home where leftover food could be taken. Just imagine the smiles that you would put on peoples faces, as you bring in wonderful food not eaten from the reception.

Finally, even the flowers could be donated to put a smile on someones face. In this case, you could find a local nursing home or hospital where the flowers could be given out to brighten an otherwise dreary situation.

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