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Couples getting married go through a long laundry list of things needed to set up their new home. Sometimes, the couple will choose dishes, sometimes kitchen appliances, perhaps bathroom towels, and so on. However, one of the items that should not be overlooked is kitchen knives.

No kitchen would be complete without a good set of knives for cutting. To determine the best knives for your wedding registry, you should take time to visit several department or retail stores and actually feel the knives in your hands. The reson is that not all knives are made the same way and you want the knives to fit comfortably. Not only will this help the job of cutting easier but also safer.

If you are looking for a good set of starter knives, then you need to consider the following to include in the registered list:

Chefs Knife This type of knife is the on that gets used most often. Considered a good, basic knife, you would have a choice of lengths to include four, six, eight, ten, and twelve inch blades. Although any of these would be an excellent choice, the ten inch is the one most sold.

Carving Knife The carving knife is offered in a twelve and fourteen inch blade and used to slice through meat or large fruit. The design is so the blade does the work, reducing the number of moves a person has to make, which makes it easier on the hand.

Paring Knife This type of knife is one that every bride should have in her kitchen. Although small in size, the paring knife works perfectly for peeling potatoes, apples, or for making fancy designs out of radishes, tomatoes, and other fruits and vegetables.

Utility Knife With the utility knife, you can slice and dice fruits and vegetables with ease

Serrated Knife Finally, the serrated knife is designed with teeth that grab the food, making cutting much easier. The serrated knife is often used for cutting tomatoes or bread when you need the outer exterior to cut but not smash down the inside.

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