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Wedding Registry Bedding Overview

If you were planning your wedding, you will be registering gifts for family and friends to buy. Although you will go through each room to decide on the things you need to set up home, one type of gift that you might consider adding to the registry list is bedding.

Because you can choose the exact item you want, you know you will get the right color, size, and design. Just imagine opening a gift that contains the comforte and matching shams and pillows to make the perfect bed. With bedding today, you can purchase rich, lush fabrics, gorgeous colors and patterns, and thick, comfortable filling.

Most people have seen beds such as this in magazines but by choosing bedding for your wedding registry, you too can have a stunning bed. For example, consider some of the following ideas for your registry:
  • Comforter A down or synthetic fashion comforter is the best choice. Then, to ensure the comforter lasts a long time and looks complete, you can purchase a matching or coordinating duvet.

  • Duvet Cover This is usually used with a down comforter and works by encasing it. The duvet can be made from any type of fabric and as any color or design. The purpose of a duvet is to keep the down comforter protected and since the duvet cover is washable, when it gets dirty, you simply toss it in the washer. This way, you save a lot of money having the down comforter cleaned.

  • Mattress Set If you do not have a good mattress set, you could choose something of quality, but also affordable

  • Top Feather Bed This type of bed actually sits on top of a regular mattress, providing a new layer of cushion and comfort

  • Sheets If you need sheets, these are excellent gift ideas in that they fit nicely in most peoples price range. While it would be wonderful to have a 400 count sheet, remember that a 200 count sheet is also very nice and will last for years. However, you should order deep pocket sheets so they stay on the mattress better.

  • Blanket Regular blankets are also a wonderful wedding gift idea but even better, you could list a dual controlled electric blanket

  • Pillows Good pillows can make a huge difference in how well a person sleeps. Therefore, if you do not have good pillows, you might consider listing them on your registry.

  • Pillowcases For pillow cases, you want to choose those that match or coordinate with the sheets and are of the highest thread count a person can afford

  • Bed Skirt Although not everyone uses a bed skirt, this is a nice way to add a decorative touch to any bed. You can choose from pleated, tailored, ruffled, and lace-trimmed designs.

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