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One of the most popular wedding gifts for people to buy, and for couples to add to their registry list is towels. Sometimes, couples want towels with color or a certain design to add to the decorum of a bathroom while other times they may want towels for everyday use or to use when visiting the beach or lake. Regardless, both parties want quality.

If you are interested in buying towels for someone special as a wedding gift, you certainly want to buy the best possible. Good towels will last a long time and wear well. o help with the choice, consider the following:


The best fabric you could buy for a towel is cotton since it is very absorbent and soft. Now, keep in mind that cotton comes in a number of different quality levels or grades, as well as the number of loops. Therefore, you want to purchase towels that have a high number of loops and a high rate of absorbency.

The two best types of cotton towels you can buy are called Pima and Egyptian, which are designed for strength, softness, texture, and absorbency. For this reason, these are very popular. On the other hand, an American Upland towel is made from a lower grade of cotton. Although they are not as absorbent as Pima and Egyptian towels, they still have a nice touch and absorbency level, and best of all, they are affordable.


Giving stylish towels is always fun in that they come in so many different types. For example, you could choose a double-sided terry towel, which looks great, is available in a number of colors, and is highly absorbent. Then, if you prefer to buy towels with texture and patterns, jacquard are excellent choices. In this case, the towels have a nice design woven into the fabric, which creates an elegant and sophisticated look.


It used to be that a bath towel was a bath towel. However, today you can find towels in a number of sizes. Sure, there are still the standard bath towels but you can buy towels twice the size to wrap around after a shower or bath.

A nice set of matching towels to include hand towels and washcloths is always an excellent wedding gift. Just be sure that you know the couples colors or décor so you can choose the appropriate towels.

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