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Wedding Gifts - Thank You Note

After the wedding, couples sit down and look at the various gifts bought just for them. Some couples will not even know the types of gifts received until they return from the honeymoon. However, no matter when the gifts are opened, thank you notes must be sent out to thank everyone.

Unfortunately, many people are so exhausted after the wedding and honeymoon that they put off the very important task of telling people they appreciate the gift. To help you stay on top of thank you notes and not feel stresse by sending them out, we have provided some tips to help.

Start several months out from your wedding date by purchasing the thank you notes that you want. Then, you can write a generic statement on the inside, something like, Thank you for the thoughtful gift and sign your names. Then once you know the actual gift after the wedding, you can add one small line that mentions the actual gift. This will save you time.

You can also keep yourself organized. For example, if you want to go ahead and put stamps on the outside envelop that is one more thing done. Next, if you receive gifts before the wedding, which most couples do, instead of waiting to send all of the thank you notes out at once, you can cut down on the bulk by sending them out as the gifts are received.

Additionally, if you have a large wedding and therefore, many gifts, trying to handle all of the thank you notes alone can be overwhelming. In this case, you could ask a friend or family member to help. In fact, you might organize a nice luncheon when you return from the honeymoon to relax and allow the bridesmaids and maid of honor to help.

Since sending out thank you notes is something that must be done, you might as well make it a fun occasion, rather than something dreaded.

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