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Wedding & Guest Accommodations

For many couples, having out of town guests is a part of the overall experience. Many times, there are cousins, grandparents, sisters, brothers, and so on that live in another city or state that will travel to attend a wedding. If you are getting married, you might find yourself in this same situation, meaning that your guests will need accommodations.

To show your appreciate for them making the trip to celebrate your wedding, you might consider offering them an overnight accommodation. Sure, your guests could get their own hotel room but this way, they will know just how much you appreciate them. Now keep in mind that you do not necessarily have to pay for their full weeks stay but putting special friends and family up for one to two nights would be a very nice gesture.

The best way to get the best accommodations and save money is to do your research several months in advance. Once you know the location of the wedding and reception, and have received RSVPs from the out of town guests, you should start looking around for the right accommodations. If there will be quite a few people, many hotels will block off a section so that everyone can stay in the same section of the hotel. Additionally, this will usually mean a nice discount for you, and them.

Just remember that you want accommodations close by so that the guests can get to and from the activities easily and inexpensively. Although you might pay for some of the ground transportation, chances are the guests will also want to do a little sightseeing. Therefore, try to find accommodations close by numerous things.

Additionally, while it might be nice to choose a five-star hotel with gym, Jacuzzi, indoor pool, in-room service, and other wonderful amenities, keep in mind that all of the guests might not have this type of hotel in their budget. Therefore, choose a hotel that has nice amenities but is also affordable. If you are unsure, then you might ask a few of the closest guests what they are looking for in accommodations regarding amenities and price.

For some of the guests, you might consider arranging for them to stay with other family and friends. As an example, if you have two sorority sisters coming from out of state, then perhaps having them stay with a local sorority sister would be an excellent opportunity for them to get together and have fun. Another scenario would be having an elderly set of grandparents stay with the bride or grooms parents. Just remember to keep your options open in that often local people would be happy to host out of town guests.

Finally, when the guests do arrive, whether staying with friends or in a hotel, swing by before they arrive and place a floral arrangement in the room, a basket of fresh fruits or crackers and cheese, or simply place a personal note and chocolate mints on the pillows. You will be amazed at how a simple touch means the world!

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