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Wedding Guest Activities

For some guests, they look for ways to create fun, offering something different from a traditional wedding and reception. If you want your guests to walk away from your special day with an incredible memory of romance and excitement, all you need to do is know how to plan.

Now keep in mind that while there is nothing wrong with a traditional wedding reception, for some people, they want something that expresses their adventure and free lifestyle. In this case, you would find activities held outdoors or indoors and completely different from most wedding receptions you have ever attended. We have put some ideas together for you so your upcoming wedding will be a one in a million.

Why not have all the guests meet at your local paintball for some serious competition. Most large cities have such a place, which might be set up in an old warehouse, large building, or even a cave. Regardless, everyone should be informed on how to dress including things such as long pants, long sleeve shirts, gloves, good thick shoes, and several layers of clothing.

The paintball company will provide headgear, goggles, and of course, the guns. You can treat your guests to their first bag of paint pellets and then let them know if they want to go over the allotted amount, they will need to purchase the additional pellets on their own. This activity is tremendous fun and something your guests will not soon forget.

Another great opportunity if you love the physical adventures is to visit an indoor wall climbing facility. Typically, these facilities are set up with a number of different walls so that even the beginner can have a good time. Additionally, since people do fall, everyone is harnessed in to ensure completely safety. Remind guests to wear athletic clothing, good shoes, and come ready for some fun.

If you want to do something fun but bring the level of activity down a bit, then you might set up a bowling party. In this case, you can set up teams, order a variety of pizza types, beer, and pop. For the best results, try to organize the teams so that there are some people who know one another mixed with strangers. This way, people will get to meet new people while doing something fun.

You might even check with your local bowling alley to see what type of special bowling they offer. For instance, some offer rock and roll bowling where rock and roll music is played all night long, other alleys have midnight bowling where the prices are ridiculously low, or perhaps you might enjoy other types of bowling with disco lights, music, and ways to earn extra money by knocking down designated pins.

Finally, you could even rent out a country and western club so all of the guests can go and take line dancing lessons and then after they feel as though they have the steps down, spend the rest of the night kicking up their heels. This is always a great time in that just about everyone can enjoy something like this.

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