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Wedding Guests - Kids

Have you ever been to a friends wedding and watched as a parent struggled to keep her child still during the ceremony. This is a common occurrence when children are brought to weddings and knowing what to do is not always the case. In fact, many times, the parents become so frustrated, they overreact or do not react at all. To help your friends that would like to bring their children to your wedding, you can put a few things in place that will make this a positive event for everyone.

First, for the actual wedding ceremony, locate a room off away from the main wedding and hire several babysitters to keep the kids entertained. You can set up toys, games, and snacks. To make this occasion extra special for the kids, you could hire a clown, face painter, a caricature such as Mickey or Minnie Mouse, and someone to do card tricks and magic. Then for the young babies, you could hire qualified people to care for them during the ceremony. This will provide a place for the kids to have their own party while the parents can enjoy the ceremony. Additionally, you know the church will be quiet with no crying babies.

Another option for the reception portion of the ceremony is to set up a kids corner or café. Here, the kids do not have to eat the ham and roast beef served to the adults, they can order hot dogs, hamburgers, French fries, and their favorite drinks, sitting together where they can have their own kind of fun. Then, for dessert, you can provide them with a sundae bar. For the teenagers, they too can have their own section that includes pizza, fried chicken and frozen yogurt. To complete their adventure, add a photo so they can have a blast taking pictures, a pinball machine, and music.

If you have small children that tend to be very active, a sports center can be set up that offers plenty of space for them to burn off energy. You can set up a small blow-up trampoline area, a miniature putt-putt game, air hockey, basketball, ping-pong tables, and other fun games. You could even set up a small apple bobbing game and you can bet the kids will have a blast.

Another great option for the kids is to have a craft room established. With adult supervision, they can finger paint, color with crayons, make bead necklaces, Popsicle stick houses, sand art, and all types of crafts. You can even set up prizes for various craft projects.

Have several trustworthy adults or older teenagers take the kids outside to play, if weather permits. They can play hid and seek, basketball, tag, red rover, and all the fun games from grade school. If the wedding reception is in the afternoon on a warm, sunny day, buy some inexpensive kits and have them go to the park to fly them. Finally, if you are having an outdoor reception such as a barbecue, you could set up pony rides and a hayride for the kids. The possibilities are endless and by taking time to think about the kids, everyone will have a great time at the wedding.

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