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Wedding Reception - Guests

To ensure your guests arrive at your wedding, it is important that you provide them with information to get there. Keep in mind that many times, couples getting married will have the wedding ceremony in one location and then the reception in another location. Especially in this type of scenario, it would be easy for guests to get lost. Therefore, you need to make sure an accurate map and driving directions are provided along with the invitation.

If you have concerns about your guests losing a map or extra piece of paper included with the invitations, then you can always have the map and directions printed on the back of the invitation so they are receiving just one piece of paper. This way, nothing is lost.

To ensure guests arrive at the right location, you might also consider having a designated person with a cell phone field calls. Just make sure a contact phone number is also provided on the invitations so they know whom to call, just in case. This way, you know your guests will be more confident, as they make their way to celebrate with you on your wedding day.

If you were planning the wedding and reception at a public location such as a museum, theater, park, restaurant, and so on, you can request that your local Chamber of Commerce send packets to your out-of-town guests. Not only is the information extremely helpful but it is also free!

With the power of the World Wide Web, you can create a free website that includes all the information on your wedding. You can post your engagement photograph, a copy of the invitation, a map and driving directions to the church and reception, the menu, and other pertinent information. Additionally, again to accommodate out-of-town guests, you can provide information about nearby hotels, car rental companies, restaurants, as well as local activities and events. You can even include a link on your website so that visitors can view the weather forecast.

Finally, make sure you work closely with a caterer so that your guests will enjoy the reception. You want to consider the people coming to your reception and have a variety of foods to include choices for diabetics and vegetarians. The same would be true for the seating. Try to put friends and family that know each other together. If you are not sure, you can always group people of the same age and interest. While there will always be stragglers, this will help keep conversations flowing.

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