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Wedding Guests - Out of Town

At almost every wedding, there will be people that come from out of town to celebrate in the couples joyous occasion In fact, since many couples are not taking jobs around the country the number of out-of-town guests is one the rise. For them, this means taking extra time off work, paying for airline or some other type of transportation, booking hotel accommodations, and so on. In other words, they go out of their way to attend a day for you.

Because of all they go through, it is your responsibility to do everything you can to make them feel important and welcomed, and to provide as much information for them as possible. This might be offering them the names of hotels near the wedding, arranging ground transportation for them to get to the wedding, and inviting them to the rehearsal dinner.

By providing your guests with an itinerary of the events that lead up to the wedding, the actual wedding day, and the reception is a huge help. While they will also receive a regular wedding invitation, a personally written note advising that you would be happy to pull some information together for them would be a nice touch. Additionally, let them know the times that they will have free time so they can plan a few sightseeing things on their own, if they like.

This is very important in that many people flying in from out of town for a wedding will couple that with a regular vacation. Therefore, it helps them plan better. If your guests have never been to the city where you live, then put together a small package that highlights some of the major attractions or current events that might interest them. Although it will take a little bit of time on your part, remember, these people are making a great sacrifice for you.

Some out-of-town guests will prefer to make their own travel accommodations while others appreciate the assistance. If you plan to help with the airline travel, look on the internet to determine some of the better routes and prices. Then, you can provide various options to them for them to decide. You might even include the website where the information came from so they can look closer at the information.

Finally, to greet your guests from out of town, put something special in each of their rooms. This might be some soft-scented candles, a box of crackers and cheese, sparkling water and cookies, fresh flowers, wedding favors, or a basket of fruit. Just a small touch with a thank you note will let your guests know that you truly appreciate them coming to share in your special day.

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