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Bachelor Party Guests

Obviously, no wedding would be complete without the bridal party. Considering that this group of people consists of the closest of friends or family members, if you are like most people, making the choice of who will stand up with you is tough. After all, the last thing you want to do is hurt someones feelings.

In fact, of all the decisions to make regarding a wedding, most bride and grooms will tell you this is the worse. To further complicate things, often people not being considered will suddenly show interest in being in the wedding or the bride or grooms mother or father will suggest that so and so be included. Before you know it, your firm list is a mess. Instead of getting upset about choosing the bridal party for your wedding, go back to tradition. This way, if someone does not agree with your choice, you can simply respond that you decided to follow traditional rules.

Starting with the Maid of Honor, this person is the best friend of the bride or her closest sister. If the bride has two friends or two sisters that are equally close, she can choose to have two people standing up as Maid of Honor. This individual has tremendous responsibility, helping the bride get ready for the wedding, throwing the bridal party and bachelorette party, and acting as a leader to the Bridesmaids. Interestingly, a bride can have a male best friend or brother in this role although the name would be changed to Honor Attendant.

The next most important person in the bridal party is the Best Man. Just as with the Maid of Honor, the Best Man is the grooms best friend or closest brother. If need be, there can be two Best Men although it is not very common. His role is to help the groom before, during, and after the wedding, as well as keep things in order for the other Groomsmen and Ushers.

Now, you need to consider the Bridesmaids. The number of Bridesmaids typically coordinates with the size of the wedding. For a real intimate wedding, just one or two would be appropriate. For an informal wedding, then three to five and for a formal wedding, up to eight. These people are also close friends or relatives of the bride although they could also be close relatives of the groom. For the Junior Bridesmaid, this is someone special that is too young to be an actual Bridesmaid but still in the wedding. This might be a younger sister, cousin, or niece.

The Groomsmen serve just as the Bridesmaids, being close friends or family members of the groom, although they can be close relatives of the bride as well. The size is also dependant on the size of the wedding, ranging from zero to eight and sometimes more.

Then you have the Flower Girl, which is usually a role filled by a favorite niece or cousin. In most cases, the Flower Girl will be from four to eight years of age and responsible for sprinkling flowers down the aisle after the Maid of Honor. The bride usually chooses anywhere from one to three girls for this position. For the Ring Bearer, the role is generally taken by a favorite nephew or cousin, again ranging from age four to eight. This role is only handled by one boy who is responsible for carrying a pillow with faux wedding rings.

Finally, the position of Usher should be filled by two to six men, depending on the number of expected guests. While at some weddings, the groomsmen serve as ushers, this is a great position for other close friends and family members that you want to participate in your wedding.

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