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Honeymoon - Austrilia

One of the most magnificent honeymoon destinations is Australia. Couples have been traveling to this continent for years for a number of reasons. First, Australia is beautiful. Second, here you will be introduced to new animals such as emus, wallabies, kangaroos, and the koala bear. Third, Australia is full of adventure, offering fun things to do such as swimming, snorkeling, or hitting the big city.

What you will notice when in Australia is that the majority of people living there have homes along the coastline. The two primary destination cities in Australia include Melbourne and Sydney, with Sydney being the older and larger of the two. This city is better known for its nightlife and unmatched opera houses while Melbourne is more laid back and conservative, consisting of wealthy Victorian buildings. Additionally, Melbourne is the city to visit if you love sports.

Regardless which city you choose to visit, you will have wonderful choices for accommodations, trendy boutiques, amazing restaurants, and plenty of exhibits and entertainment. If you want to enjoy the history and architect of Australia, then you would want to visit Canberra, the capital. Here, you will find national botanical gardens, the Parliament House, the National Gallery, and other exceptional sites.

One of the things you do not want to miss while in Australia is the Great Barrier Reef. The beaches here are among the most beautiful and you can find a hotel room that is intimate or luxurious, whichever you prefer. This reef is the largest in the world, stretching more than 1,400 miles! What makes the reef even more spectacular is the more than 300 species of coral that inhabit it along with thousands of species of crustaceans and fish!

If you love to scuba dive or snorkel, make sure you dive at the reef. If not, you can take a ride in a glass-bottom boat or semi-submersible to see the beauty of this place. Yet another option is to visit an underwater observation so you can see things up close. You have so many different options, which is why visiting the Great Barrier Reef is such an incredible opportunity while on your honeymoon.

Finally, head to Brisbane, which is the gateway to the Gold Coast. You will discover tons of restaurants, casinos, trendy boutiques, surfing, golf, art galleries, and more. If you prefer, you can find an accommodation on the coast where you can sit back with your new spouse to take in a romantic sunset, enhanced by the sound of the crashing waves. Australia has so much to offer and the land is truly beautiful.

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