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Honeymoon - Hawaii & Kauai

One of the places that continue to be a favorite for newly married couples is Hawaii. Although the flight is long and often tedious, once you land, you will be mesmerized by the islands beauty. The state of Hawaii is made up of several islands, each with their own characteristics.

For example, you can spend time in Honolulu, where you can visit the International Market Place to shop for all types of gifts and souvenirs, attend an authentic Luau with pig roast and all, or take a tour of the famous Diamond Head. Another beautiful island that is loved by honeymooners is the island of Oahu. Called the Big Island, here you will find amazing shops, beautiful scenery, waterfalls, and more.

Many couples will head to Maui, which is probably the most beautiful island of all but it is also very expensive. However, if you want a trip to Hawaii where you can afford to be adventurous while still enjoying magnificent beaches and sunsets, you might consider the island of Kauai, which is also called, The Garden Island.

Kauai is a smaller island and some of the beaches are not as pristine as you would find with some of the other islands, but the landscaping is magnificent. As you drive back into the countryside, you will find hundreds of waterfalls that seem too beautiful to be real.

Kauai also has rich history and is an island that offers fine restaurants, excellent accommodations, and many attractions while still being set away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This means you can drive to the busy areas of the island for a night on the town and then retreat to your resort for time alone. One of the most beautiful places to stay while on Kauai is Poipu Beach. Here, you can stay at resorts that sit right on the beach. Flowers are everywhere, most of them being exotic and colorful such as Bird of Paradise.

For a little bit of Hawaiian fun, one of the major hotels offers a Torch Lighting Ceremony. You would show up at dusk, at which time Samoans appear in typical island attire and torches in hand. As you look up the hillside, you see a path, winding its way to the top. Then as the drums begin to beat, the Samoans torches are lit and they start running. As they make their way up the hill, the flick the torches so that they hit the ground at which time smaller torches light up. As the bystander, you see the entire hillside become lit, two ground torches at a time. The experience is beautiful and something not to miss.

All of the islands of Hawaii are beautiful but Honolulu and Oahu are far more commercial than the island of Kauai. For this reason, many honeymooners will choose this island so they can have a nice romantic getaway. Remember that if at any time you want the excitement of the bigger islands, you can rent a plane ride from one island to the next at a reasonable fare.

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