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Honeymoon - Morocco

If you are going to go all for your upcoming honeymoon, then choose a destination that is far too often overlooked. Morocco is a magnificent honeymoon destination in that it is exotic, charming, and never dull. In fact, honeymooners that have chosen Morocco as their destination of choice will tell you that they found a beautiful spot on earth where they could unwind from all the work of the wedding.

Best of all, by choosing Morocco for your honeymoon, you will not have to travel clear around the globe to find an oasis. Here, Muslims faithfully change their Islamic prayers, which are calming and fascinating. To get to Morocco, you simply take a short flight from Europe and you will be there.

Morocco is a place with a wonderful and enchanting history. During the medieval times of the 8th century, the city of Fez had streets filled with donkeys and people. The restaurants were tucked away and dark where authentic Moroccan food was served in rooms adorned with mosaic tile. Additionally, the rooms are complemented with rich silks and thick, lush rugs while belly dancers entertaining all the guests.

Then just outside of Meknes, you will find the Roman city of Volubilis, which was built prior to 40 AD. The floors are stunning and made from mosaic tile that today, remain in perfect condition. You will also see majestic columns and incredible archways. This one city is one of the many that make up the main stream of Morocco that you do not want to miss.

If you like, you can schedule a tour around Volubilis through a number of reputable companies, all very affordable. For one thing, these tours can provide you with an in depth look into Moroccos history, which is amazing. The only downfall is that typically, these tour guides will speak French or Arabic, meaning that you need to brush up on your foreign language prior to traveling.

The food in Morocco is delicious, consisting of couscous, dates, fresh, curried vegetables, rice, and more. Favorite dishes include stew, which might be made from chicken, beef, or veal but never pork in that Muslims avoid eating this type of meat. Most of these stews are made in a clay pot called a tagine. Other types of food common in Morocco include French dishes.

While some Arab countries tend to be conservative, Morocco is much more relaxed. Even so, the women still keep their legs and arms covered and some will wear a veil, which is not standard any longer. Typically, the women that wear the veils are called ugly or old with the younger women preferring to go with a veil but choosing long skirts and shirts.

Finally, for your honeymoon in Morocco, you can stay in an excellent hotel called La Mamounia, Marrakesh. The pool and gardens are breathtakingly beautiful but for the luxurious accommodations, you will pay a hefty price.

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