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Addressing Wedding Invitations

If you were to ask soon-to-be brides some of the things that they fear most when planning their wedding, one of items would be addressing the wedding invitations. These brides know the importance of the invitation and desperately want them to go out right. Considering that the invitation is the first news most people will get regarding the wedding, for your wedding, you want to ensure the invitations look right and read right.

Just remember that addressing wedding invitations is not as difficult as it might seem. Once you understand the guidelines, you will breeze right through the process. To help you prepare for this aspect of your wedding planning, we have provided some helpful tips below:
  1. Start by having your current (and hopefully complete) list of invitees

  2. Take that number and order enough invitations so you have about 25 to 30 extra since mistakes do happen, other people will need to be sent an invitation, and you and family members will probably want to keep a copy for memories. For example, if you have 140 people on the invitee list, order between 165 and 170 invitations (remember the envelopes).

  3. The names of the invitees should be typed out for formal weddings. For lesser formal or casual weddings, the invitations could be typed or handwritten. Now keep in mind that you could choose to have the envelopes handwritten with calligraphy for formal weddings, if you have the money in your budget.

  4. Always use appropriate titles. For instance, you would not address an invitation to Robert and Sara Jones. In this case, you would address it as:
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones

  5. Other titles would include:
    • Dr.
    • Ms.
    • Captain
    • Lieutenant (or other military titles)
    • Rabbi
    • Reverend
    • Honorable
    • Messrs

  6. If the invitation were being sent to a widower, then you would send the invitation to:
    Mrs. Robert Jones

  7. If the woman were divorced, you would simply write:
    Mrs. Sara Jones.

  8. If the invitation were being sent to a family with children under the age of 18, you would address the invitation on the outside envelope to:
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones
    Jill, Ken, and Debbie on the inside envelope

  9. If the children were over the age of 18, then they would each receive their own invitation. Debbie, who is 19 would have an invitation that read:
    Ms. Debbie Jones.

  10. If the situation involves two people living together as a couple or just as roommates, they would each receive a separate invitation with individual names.

  11. If the invitation will go to a single person that you know will bring a girlfriend/boyfriend, or other guest, the invitation would be addressed as:
    Mr. Smith and Guest

  12. Keep in mind that your invitations will need to include the outer envelop, the actual invitation, inner envelope, tissue sheet, response card with envelope that has postage, and a map and/or directions. Additionally, you need to have the appropriate postage, plus one or two extra books of stamps for the extra invitations, just to have on hand.

  13. For invitations being sent out of the country, rather than place the postage on the envelope yourself, these should be taken to the post office so the proper amount of postage can be added. The key with wedding invitations is keeping track of who you have invited, who has replied, who said yes, who said no, who said maybe, etc. This can be done in a number of ways so you will just need to choose the method that works best for you.

  14. For instance, you can purchase an actual software program from your local computer store. This software is generally inexpensive and has everything you need set up as a database. However, if you have MS Word, WordPerfect, or Excel and are computer literate, then you can set up your own database for tracking. If computers still make you nervous, a simple card file will also work quite well. Regardless of the system you choose, the following information should be captured:
    • Copy of an invitation
    • Names and addresses of invitees
    • Date each invitation was sent
    • Response of each person (yes, no, maybe)
    • As each invitation is returned, make sure you log them immediately so your records are current
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