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Wedding Invitation Checklist

One of the very first things you will do as you prepare for your wedding is choose the wedding invitations. While it might sound as simple as picking out a design you like and standard writing, it is not that easy. After all, the invitations are the first announcement of your upcoming wedding that many people will receive. Therefore, you want the invitations to be special and reflect your personality and lifestyle.

The first challenge you will be faced with is that the marketplace is flooded with hundreds an hundreds of options. That means that unless you know what to look for, you would probably feel overwhelmed. To make this selection process not just easier but also enjoyable, you want to remember your three Ps.

Preparation Your invitations should coordinate with the style and theme of your wedding. For this reason, you want to plan and prepare before you head out to shop. This means knowing your colors, types of fabrics, theme, and so on. For example, if your wedding will be mauve and ivory, and very elegant and formal, then you might choose from Japanese handmade or Italian hand-painted paper whereas an informal wedding would use something like parchment, cotton, or linen. In addition to the level of formality, you also want to consider the time of day or evening when your wedding will take place and the size of the wedding.

Personalization Again, your invitations should reflect your personal taste and lifestyle. If you are free spirited and love whimsical things, then let that show in your choice. If you are more natural and enjoy being creative, then perhaps you could design and make your own invitations, giving each a personal touch. With so many wonderful computer programs now available, even someone that is not very creative can come up with some incredible designs. If you are not sure that you are up for the task and want invitations that will wow your guests, you might think about hiring a designer. While the cost will be higher, you can be sure that your wedding invitations will be one of a kind and gorgeous!

Perfection Since this is your wedding, you should want and expect perfection. The invitations should set the tone for the entire wedding so they should be flawless. As an example, triple check your spelling. Checking for typographical errors is the top mistake that many couples make. They get hurried and tired, and simply overlook the obvious. Before the invitations are sent out and even after they have been proofed by the stationary company, you still need to be the final set of eyes that looks over the color, font, wording, and spelling to ensure everything is perfect.

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