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Wedding Invitations - Directions

Getting married is an exciting time of life. This is when family and friends will come together in celebration, as two people they love exchange wedding vows. Because of this, you want to make sure that for your wedding, everyone invited has all the right information. Sending out the invitations to the wedding and reception are crucial but in most cases, you also want to include directions. After all, you need to remember that you will probably have some out of town guests or people that simply do not know there way around very wll.

By providing directions in with the invitations, you give your guests peace of mind. Just imagine forgetting, only to find that several people did not show up because they were unsure how to get there. If you think this will never happen to you, think again! Unfortunately, this happens all the time and with proper planning and a little extra effort, it can be completely avoided.

You want your wedding, from the beginning to the end to be a positive and fun experience for all your guests. You want them to feel welcomed, relaxed, comfortable, and to have fun. If they are worrying about how to get to the wedding and/or reception, they will be frustrated when arriving late, and then they are stressed and not having fun. The following are just a few tips to make sure that all of your guests arrive at your wedding safely and on time.

Inside each invitation, create a postcard size card that provides the name of the building where the wedding and reception will be held, the physical address, a phone number where they can call should they become lost, and a map.

On the top of the directions card, have the bride and grooms name and the date of the wedding printed. This way, should they set the card down, only to pick it up later unable to remember what it was for, this will help them keep things organized.

Make sure your directions are easy and accurate. Provide clear instructions that show the way to the wedding and reception from all directions. In fact, you might consider creating several different maps from different freeways and then if you know for sure the direction some guests will be coming from, you could provide the appropriate map. If you were unsure, then you could provide the map that is an overall view.

Designate one or two people with cell phones to act, as a coordinator should someone need to call. You would be surprised at how many people would call if they had this option.

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