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As you prepare for your wedding after becoming engaged, you will have many different things to take care of starting with the wedding invitations. As you begin shopping for your invitations, remember that the way in which they are put together varies. The good part is that you can put them together in whatever way you like although not including a response card and envelope is rare.

First, you need to understand each part of the invitation and then yo can determine how you want to organize them. The information below will help you as you get started:

Inside the Envelope
  • Invitation This is available in all different types of paper, color, fonts, ink, messages, and so on

  • Response Card and Inside Envelope Although some brides to not include these, it would be rare in that the response card and return envelope are what help you come up with the total guest count.

  • Ceremony Card For small, intimate weddings, you might simply send a ceremony card, which would include the place of the wedding and reception, the time, and directions

  • Reception Card If the actual wedding invitation consists of a lot of information, leaving little to no room for the reception information, then you would add this type of card in specifically for the reception to include location, time, directions, and any other pertinent information

  • Map Even if the wedding and reception will be held at a well known location, always send a map along with directions

  • Rain Card If the wedding and/or reception will be held outdoors, you always want to include a Rain Card, which will let the guests know where to go and what to do should it rain

  • Ribbon Card For large, formal weddings, the ushers will know which people are VIPs
  • Save the Date This is typically a handwritten note that goes out to guests, especially those from out of town, about six months prior to the wedding with a firm date or estimated date so they can make room on their schedule

  • Announcement These announcements are mailed out the day of the wedding, advising people you were not able to invite that you were married

  • Program The program is handed out to guests at the wedding ceremony, providing them with the names of participants in the wedding along with their function

  • Table Cards These cards are placeholders for the reception tables so guests will know where to sit
More Information:

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