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How many times have you been invited to a wedding where you received the invitation and then forgot all about it or double booked with something else? It happens all the time and for this reason, it is important that you let your guests know that you will be planning your wedding for the middle of October for instance.

This is especially important, especially if you have guests coming from out of state. While you do not need to give them a specific date since you may not even know what it is yourself, giving them som idea will help them start the process of looking into airfare, hotel accommodations, sightseeing options, and so on.

The best way to let people in on the plans is to send them something in the mail. Remember, you do not need to send anything fancy, just a simple, handwritten note that provides the facts. For instance, it might say something like, Ron and I just became engaged. While we are not sure of the exact date yet, we do know that we are planning sometime toward the middle of October so be sure to keep your calendar open.

If you want to capture the attention of family and friends, then make the pre-invitation fun. For example, if you plan to be married around the Christmas holidays, why not send out Christmas cards in May for your notification. Another option if you are looking to have your wedding around the first of the year would be to include confetti or streamers in the envelope.

If you know that you have family or friends coming from Louisiana to Missouri for the wedding, you might pull some information together for them regarding airfare options, hotel accommodations, car rentals, and even restaurants and local things to see. They will appreciate that you went out of your way to make things easy for them. You can also throw in information on things you know they enjoy doing such as golfing, hiking, taking nature walks, visiting museums, and other such activities.

The key when sending out pre-invitations is to get them out about six months prior to the wedding date. Sure, it would be far better if you could provide an exact date and if you can, then go ahead and do it. Keep in mind that if something should change, you can always send out another handwritten note advising of that change.

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