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Wedding Invitation Mailing

Shopping for the wedding invitations is an exciting time in the wedding-planning process. Since the invitations will be the first thing many of your family members and friends see about your upcoming wedding, you want to choose invitations that reflect your personality and lifestyle. The wording will need to be checked for accuracy, and the design to coordinate with your wedding.

You will go through the process of shopping for options and then narrowing your search down to the perfect invitations. However, before you sart putting them all together to be mailed, start by placing a stamp on the outside envelopes and the response envelopes that will be tucked neatly inside. Then, you should handwrite each recipients name and address. Instead of including a return address on the upper left-hand corner of the envelope, write this on the back of the flap, creating a cleaner look.

Although the process of organizing and mailing invitations is not rocket science, you would be amazed at how easy it is to get things jumbled up. Therefore, start by laying all the pieces out. This means having a pile for the actual invitations, the outer and inner envelopes, tissue paper, reserve cards, and so on.

Starting as an assembly line with family and friends, you can begin putting all of the pieces together, putting the assembled invitations in one special pile. This way, you will move smoothly through the method of assembly and have all of the invitations put together in no time. Once they are all assembled, the outer envelop will need to be sealed and then stamped.

To understand the actual assembly process, consider the following guidelines:

First, put the tissue paper over the wording, and then lay the reception card on top with the wording facing toward you and on top of the tissue paper.

Now, place a response card with its coordinating envelope and put it over the card so the flap is facing you, and with it hanging over the top. This set will then be put on top of the reception card, making sure the top of the envelope flag within the fold of the invitation.

If you will be including directions, these would be placed on top of the response card.

Now, close the wedding invitation with all of the things inside, and place it inside the inner envelope.

Finally, the inner envelope is placed inside the outer envelope and sealed. At this point, the invitation package is done.

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