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Groom Wedding Expenses

Weddings are expensive, no matter how small or large. For the groom, you might think that he has just a few expenses but in truth, he has a large financial responsibility on his shoulders. To give you an idea of the traditional expenses that would be covered by the groom, consider the following:
  1. Rehearsal Dinner This dinner is a time usually held the night before the wedding ceremony when the couples close family, friends, and even out-of-town guests gather to spend quality time together. Depending on the type f dinner you want, you would be paying for an elaborate dinner held at a five-star restaurant, or a picnic or luau in the park or the beach. Remember that there are usually other expenses to include alcohol, flowers, and decorations. While many couples are now sharing this expense, if you want tradition, then the bill goes to the groom.

  2. Honeymoon The groom would also be responsible for the honeymoon, which would include the air, train, car rental, cruise, food, entertainment, and hotel accommodations.

  3. Wedding Rings The bride will pay for the grooms wedding ring while the groom is financially responsible for the brides engagement and wedding ring.

  4. Brides Gift Typically, the groom will purchase a special gift for his bride to be presented to her on the wedding day. This should be something that will be cherished for life, such as diamond earrings, a bracelet, or pearl necklace. In most cases, the gift would be taken to the bride in her dressing area by a member of the bridal party on behalf of the groom. If the gift is a piece of jewelry, she should put it on and wear it during the ceremony.

  5. Groomsmens Gift The groom will also purchase a gift for the best man and each of the groomsmen, as a way of thanking them for their assistance, support, and participation in the wedding.

  6. Flowers Many of the flowers will also be the responsibility of the groom to include the brides bouquet, her going away corsage, the corsages that will be worm by the mothers and grandmothers, and the boutonnieres for the groomsmen, fathers, and grandfathers.

  7. Tuxedo The grooms tuxedo will be his responsibility along with his accessories such as the tie, gloves, cummerbunds, and such. The groom would also be responsible for the accessories for the groomsmen although their tuxedo rental would be their responsibility.

  8. Lodging and Transportation The groom would pay for accommodations for the out-of-town guests, the bride and grooms accommodations, transportation for out-of-town guests, transportation for the bride and groom to and from the wedding and reception, and accommodations and transportation for the parents.

  9. Legal Documents The marriage license would be the financial responsibility of the groom along with any required medical tests and the fee or donation for the minister.

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