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Typically, the bride and groom have a good idea of the type of music they will incorporate in their upcoming wedding. They know music usually includes pieces played as guests are seated, the wedding march, and then the procession. However, if you are planning your wedding and all of this is true, choosing the music for the wedding ceremony is more involved.

Just as you will do for the reception, the most important thing to start with is the budget. This will serve as your guideline in determining the type of music, the type of musicians, and the number of pieces to be played. Although the fees are similar, they will vary from one region to the next. Therefore, it is important that you plan as far out from the wedding date as possible and consider all your options.

Often, the bride and groom will have a close friend or family member that has amazing talent, thus being delighted to play or sing for your wedding. However, this is not the case for all couples. A good rule of thumb is that you can expect to pay between $50and $250 per performer. Now, if you have a favorite musician or vocalist that you would like to travel to where the wedding is being held, you would generally need to add travel expenses to that.

Another very important thing to remember when choosing music for a wedding ceremony is that if you are planning to marry in a church, always check with the minister regarding your choice of music. In most cases, your choice will be fine. However, there are occasions when some churches have very strict guidelines and are particular.

If you attend a regular church, then you might talk to the Director of Music to see if he/she has someone in mind that could play or sing at your wedding. Many times, there are qualified musicians on hand that would be thrilled to be involved. If not and you do not know of anyone, you can start looking in your local yellow pages, on the internet for your region, or call other churches or universities to ask if they could recommend someone.

Remember that while there are traditions, this is your wedding and therefore, you can make decisions outside the box. For example, in a traditional church wedding, you have an organist that plays a large portion of the music selection. However, you might thing about changing things up by hiring a guitarist, a harpist, or a flutist instead. The result will still be a gorgeous wedding just with different type music.

One last consideration if on a tight budget or not able to find someone to perform is to use taped music. With a decent stereo system and good quality CDs, you will be amazed at how great they sound. All you need is to find someone that can start the right song at the right time and you are set. Just remember, this is your wedding so do not stress over something like the music selection. You have a multitude of options available to you.

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