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Wedding Music Costs

We all know that when it comes to weddings, the wedding gown, flowers, photography, and cake are high dollar items, but what is the cost of the music? Since music is an integral part of the wedding ceremony and the reception, you should plan on setting a minimum of 10% of your budget aside just for this one aspect.

The music is what will set the mood and make the guests feel welcomed. If you want to offer your guests an amazing array of music performed by talented musicians or a DJ, you can. The key is to know how you can sav money, as you will discover from the following information:

Consider the time of year for your wedding. Since the summertime is the most popular, musicians and other vendors can afford to charge more. Therefore, consider moving your wedding and reception to the fall or early spring when prices are significantly lower.

If your heart is set on having a live band or orchestra but you cringe at the thought of the high cost, do not be discouraged. Instead, contact your local university and request to speak with the director of the music department. Many times, you will find tremendous talent. For example, you might discover a band or orchestra that consists of friends eager to make it big but not quite there. In building their portfolio, they will often have wedding experience and are eager to get in the practice time. You will probably be surprised at just how incredibly talented these young people are!

If hiring a band or DJ is simply out of the question, then consider piping in your own music. You can find a bridal anthology CD that will have everything you need for the ceremony and reception. You can also ask close family members and friends to bring their CDs for a greater variety.

If possible, find the same group to perform at the ceremony and the reception. Generally, you would enjoy a nice discount. The key is finding musicians that are versatile, meaning they can play music that would create a romantic and sophisticated atmosphere for the ceremony but play fun and vibrant music for the reception.

While tradition has the brides family paying for all of the music, many couples and their families are now splitting the cost. Remember, the 10% recommendation for your budget is merely a guideline so if you want something more elaborate, you could always increase this figure while something more simplistic would not require as much.

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