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Wedding Music & Dancing

For a large number of couples getting married, the music and dancing at the reception is the highlight. During this time, couples can relax and enjoy themselves without a care in the world. However, to ensure the music and dancing complement the wedding and do not take over control, it is important to make the right choices.

The nice thing about playing music at wedding receptions is that there are no rules. As the married couple, you have the freedom to choose the type of music that you like and what best mathes your character and lifestyle. However, just remember that you do want to keep the likes of the guests in mind when making your selections.

When it comes to weddings, you will find several different opportunities for music to be played, which includes:
  • Processional
  • Recessional
  • Reception
Alternative opportunities might include:
  • Arrival and seating of guests
  • During various aspects of the ceremony such as the lighting of the unity candle
  • Cocktail hour
For example, having soft music played while guests enter the church and led to their seats creates a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. You could choose soft orchestra music, or perhaps hire a flautist or guitarist to play a beautiful music. The goal here is to set the mood, one that would be typical of a wedding.

Traditionally, music for the processional is played by an organist, keeping a pace so that guests and family can walk down the aisle to their seats with ease. Generally, the purpose of the music at this point in the wedding is to create a somber mood that has a reverence.

During the ceremony, all the guests are focused on the bride and groom. While the couple is lighting the unity candle or perhaps while the reader is softly going through a bible verse, flowing music could be played in the background. Many times while the couple is gazing into each others eyes, a vocalist will sing one of their favorite songs.

Music can even be used during a simply cocktail hour while guests sip on martinis and mingle with other guests. However, if you want to offer dancing to your guests, then you will need to choose between a DJ and a band. Both have advantages and typically, both are affordable. If you plan to have dancing at your reception, you probably want to go with a nice mix so that the mature guests can enjoy refined music such as the Waltz or Fox Trot, the younger crowd Salsa or Rock and Roll, and then a little bit in between.

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