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Disc Jockey Issue

If you were planning a wedding reception and want to ensure you offer the best music for your guests, then you need to do your homework so you make the right choices. While you could hire a live band, typically you pay a lot more money and have more people to deal with but by hiring a disc jockey you will have a little better control over the situation and will generally save money.

Interestingly, approximately 75% of all wedding receptions today use the services of a disc jockey when it comes to entertainment. This huge increase n popularity is based on a number of things, one being that a disc jockey, or DJ, can play a better variety of music while a band is generally limited to the type of genre they play. Additionally, as mentioned many bands have simply priced themselves out of the competition, giving disc jockeys a huge boost.

At one time, it was believed that DJs were merely people that put records on to play music. While that was a part of their role, they did a lot more. Even today, the amount of service offered has increased substantially, which has changed the perception that many people have. People today are realizing that a good, qualified DJ can be a huge benefit to the reception and is not just someone out of high school flipping records.

However, some issues surrounding DJs still exist, needing to be considered before you rush out and hire one. To help you make the right choices so your wedding reception is a wonderful, memorable event, consider the following things:

Make sure you plan as far out from your wedding date as possible. Rather than wait until just a few months before the date, get busy planning. The number one mistake made by bride and grooms is not planning well or starting the research and interview process early enough. What happens is that by waiting, most of the DJs are booked, meaning you end up with someone not specifically trained for weddings and with little experience.

Always go for quality when looking for a DJ. Todays DJs are rated according to the number of years experience they have, with platinum being the top. Although you will generally pay more for this level, it would be worth it. After all, your wedding day will come just once. If you plan to work through a DJ company, then check with your local Better Business Bureau to ensure they do not have any unresolved complaints against them, and ask for and follow up on references.

Make sure you understand that a good DJ will make your reception a huge success while one that is not qualified can ruin everything. Typically, a DJ will also serve as emcee and sometimes, host. Therefore, you want someone responsible, mature, flexible, considerate, and experienced.

Before the wedding reception, take time to meet with the DJ and get to know him or her. This way, the DJ will know your likes and dislikes, thereby performing a better job. Lay things out in conversation and in writing of what you expect so there are no surprises.

You want to make sure you are always working with a pre-planned agenda, in writing. Since it is common for DJs to show up and start playing music, which is fine for some, if you want things to run as smooth as possible, then you need to have an agenda in place.

Again, always ask for and follow up on reference. Anyone can tell you he or she has experience and will do a good job but you want and deserve proof. Instead, you need to make phone calls to ask other couples how the DJ performed at their wedding. Additionally, you need to go listen to the DJ at work at another wedding or nightclub. This will help you see him or her in action, which will help you make your decision.

Work with a written contract that includes everything, even the basics. For example, you want to include the start and finish times, the type of music to be played, the level of emcee service provided, the fee, cancellation and refund policies, what happens if the DJ becomes very ill or has an emergency at the last minute, is there another DJ to fill in, and so on.

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