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Are you planning your wedding and trying desperately to choose the right wedding music? If so, then you will probably agree that this process, being as important as it is, is not as easy as it sounds. Since this is for your wedding and reception, you want everything to be perfect.

Although using a DJ is a good option, just as using pre-recorded music is, there is something magical and very special about live music. For example, during the ceremony, live music creates a romantic, fairytale setting and at the reception, it sets the pace for a nice of dancing and fun. Therefore, you want to choose the right musicians that have experience and can enhance your wedding and reception. In fact, many musicians are also skilled in acting as emcee, saving you the hassle and extra expense of hiring someone specifically for this role.

When you begin the search for your musicians and/or band, you need to interview each one of these individuals. Sitting down and having a face-to-face meeting will help you see if the connection is what you are looking for and it will give you the opportunity to ask all the pertinent questions. By making a list of the things you want to talk about, your decision will be easier. The following are some things you might consider adding to your list to ask or provide to the musicians and/or band:
  • The location along with directions for both wedding and reception

  • The name of the church or facility where the wedding and reception will be held

  • The size of the stage the band will need, and the type of outlets and the number of outlets. Additionally, you will need to determine if they provide any of these items or if you will be required to.

  • Let the musicians and/or band know the time that the guests will arrive so they know what time to be there for set up

  • Advice the musicians if you want soft music played while guests are being seated, during the receiving line, while eating dinner, and so on.

  • You also need to let the musicians know if you are looking strictly for instrumentals or also want vocalists

  • Talk about the responsibility of emcee to see if the musicians have the experience and interest in performing this duty. Remember, this involves the introduction of the newly married couple, the announcements that toasts will begin, blessing over the food in some cases, and announcement of the first dance, etc.

  • You will need to choose the first dance, as well as other music to be played at the reception

  • Talk about the way in which requests will be handled

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