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Every wedding is comprised of a number of factors, each working together to create a magical day for the bride and groom. One of these factors is the music, not just for the actual wedding ceremony but also for the reception. While there are traditions that you could follow, you can also be more creative by choosing the type of music that best reflects you and your future spouses personalities and lifestyles.

Many receptions today feature live bands or at least a real outstanding DJ that has the right knowledge and skil to get people up on the dance floor. As you prepare for your own upcoming wedding reception, before you settle on the least expensive band, consider the type of music that your friends and family members will enjoy most.

The first thing to remember is that most bands will book a far in advance as one year. Therefore, this should be one of the first things on your list to accomplish. You need to start by creating a budget, which will guide you in the right direction. Obviously, a three-piece band is going to be less expensive than an eight-piece orchestra. Once the finances have been determined, you can now enjoy the process of actually going around listening to the various options.

In fact, you can take this time as a group outing for the entire wedding party, spending time not just listening to the music but also rating the ease in which you can dance. Other considerations would include the demeanor of the band. If you were planning a formal wedding then you need to get a good idea of which bands can present themselves accordingly.

If you have certain bands that you are interested in, contact them prior to hearing them play. In this case, they can choose a few specific songs that your might want played so you can hear the actual music. This will also give you the opportunity to sit down with the leader of the band during a break or after performing to talk in more detail.

An option that many bride and groom are leaning toward for todays weddings is to offer guests a variety of music. This means that guests of all ages will hear something they like, which in turn gets them up on the dance floor more often.

Finally, regardless of the style of music you choose, always make sure you have all of the contract details in writing. This would include fees for setting up the band, time played, number or types of songs plays, and quitting time. Additionally, be sure any hidden fees such as administrative costs, gratuities, and so on are covered. You will also want the contact to cover the exact names of each band member as well as backup plans should someone become ill or not be able to perform for one reason or another.

By planning, taking your time to look and hear, and always considering your guests in the equation, you will have an incredible wedding reception for all to enjoy.

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