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If you have ever been to a wedding, then you know how relaxing the music can be. As you sit waiting for the procession to begin, you enjoy soft, flowing music that sets the overall atmosphere. Then, you hear the famous wedding march and you know the bride is just about to walk down the aisle. Whether you are planning a glamorous wedding at the local country club or just a small group of people at a private home, music should be a part of this joyous occasion.

The great thing about incorporating music into your wedding is that there are n rules. In other words, you can choose the type of music, the instruments, the vocalists, and all aspects of the music. The only thing to remember is that making the decisions can feel a bit overwhelming so you want to plan, allowing plenty of time to research. For example, if you want to have a small orchestra or just two people playing the guitar and flute, you will need to interview them so you can gauge their level of skill and professionalism. The same would be true for any live music you have vocalists, bands for the reception, and so on.

Before this however, you need to sit down with your future spouse to decide if you want more traditional music or of you want to do something that better reflects your personalities and lifestyle. Once you have decided, if you plan to have the wedding in a church, you will need to sit down with the minister for his or her approval. Most ministers understand the importance of individuality and therefore, if the music is not offensive to the church will approve it. It not, then you would need to change your music selection or choose a different wedding location. Again, you can mix things up a bit if you like but the traditional wedding will have music played at specific times.

For example, music is typically played during the seating of the guests, right before the processional begins, before the bride and groom exchange vows, during the lighting of the Unity candle, and during communion, if you have it. If you want something different, you can have a special played or sung once or twice during the ceremony, and even have something special after the announcement of the bride and groom. Just remember that no matter what type of music you choose, you want to create a romantic and comfortable atmosphere for your guests. The music is generally used to set the tone of the wedding.

If you are considering a small, intimate wedding, choose a favorite CD or hire a flute or guitar player to play soft music in the background before and after the wedding. If you plan to have an outdoor wedding at the beach, then hire a flute players before the wedding, and guitarist for the processional, and then Ukulele players for the rest of the music. Finally, for a very formal wedding, you could have a harpist play a portion of the wedding or for the entire ceremony.

The key is to make the music blend in with the theme of the wedding rather than be the focal point. Therefore, the professionalism of the musicians is also important. You want someone that will show up on time, is a qualified musician, and knows the right way to interact with guests.

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