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Bridal Shower Basics

Throwing a bridal shower for your friend about to embark in marriage is an exciting time for all. If you are interested in giving a bridal shower, you will need to know the right people to invite, the type of food to serve, games to play, and all the factors associated with successful shower. To help you organize and plan the perfect bridal shower, you can keep the five Ws in mind.

The first thing on the list of Ws is what a bridal shower is and why we have them. Bridal showers date back in history as a time when a woman wih a lot of money was interested in marrying a man that had no money at all. The father of the woman became very upset, refusing to offer a dowry. The man and womans friends knew they were madly in love and feeling sorry for them decided to help them by throwing a party where everyone would bring a needed item for their new home.

Showering them with gifts, they soon had all the necessities and were married. Although today we offer bridal showers for different reasons, the result is the same in that the bride and groom end up with all types of gifts needed to set up their new home together. As the host, you will have many people ask what the couple needs. The best way to handle this is to have the bride and groom register at a few of their favorite stores so you can simply direct questions to the registry list.

Next is who, which relates to the person responsible for hosting the bridal shower. In most cases, the Maid of Honor is the individual that throws the bridal party but more and more the entire bridal party is getting involved. However, if you want to stick with tradition, then the Maid of Honor would contact the bride and grooms mother as well as the bride, and groom for names. She would then spearhead the party, accepting help as needed.

Obviously, the bride and grooms parents, grandparents, sisters, cousins, and nieces will be on the invitee list. From there, you will ask the female members of the wedding party to attend along with the bride and grooms close female friends. Probably the most important is to sit down with the bride and discuss the invitee list. After all, there may be something going on that no one else is privy to, which could change your list. Once the entire list is put together, again go over it with the bride for her final approval. When it comes to RSVPs, the only time you would really need this is if you plan to have the bridal shower somewhere other than the brides home. Typically, this would be due to the cost of meals and other expenses associated with a hotel or restaurant.

For the next W, we look at where the bridal shower will be held. For this part of the bridal shower, you have numerous options. One of the most popular is the home of the bride. Here, everyone can relax and enjoy time together in a comfortable environment. However, you can also have the shower at a favorite restaurant, hotel, spa, art gallery, on the beach, the local park, or any place that reflects the personality of the bride. The most important thing to remember is that any place other than the brides home will have extra costs so if you are on a budget, you will need to consider your options carefully.

For the fourth W, the question of when comes into question. Again, if you want to go with tradition, you would host the bridal shower around two to six weeks prior to the wedding. The one thing to remember is that if you have quite a few people coming from out of town for the wedding that you would like at the shower, you might need to set something up two to four days out. Regarding the day of the week, this is dependent on the brides preference unless the shower is a surprise. In most cases, a Saturday or Sunday afternoon would be ideal. Just remember that to plan a good shower, you should allow yourself about two months.

Finally, the last of the Ws is why you would throw the bride a shower. Again, there is a tradition but today, we throw bridal showers because we love the bride and want to do something nice for her and her future husband. By having only women, everyone can bond and let their hair down while having a great time. Keep in mind that more and more showers are becoming co-ed so the groom and his friends can also participate in the fun. This type of shower is nice in that both the bride and groom can open presents and share in the excitement of new items for their new home.

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