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As the Maid of Honor or other individual planning a bridal shower, chances are you want something fun, exciting, romantic, and memorable. The key to a great bridal shower is to remember that you are creating a moment of fun and relaxation for the bride-to-be. The shower is her time to kick back, visit with friends, eat food, and simply have a wonderful time with close friends and family members. As the host, you want all the guests to leave feeling as though they have just experienced something unique. With good planning and some creativity, you can do jut that.

One option that has become more and more popular is to have a co-ed bridal shower. It used to be that just the bride and her family members and friends would join in the fun but today, showers have become a couples event. If you think about it, the gifts are for both the bride and groom so having him there along with his close friends and family members only makes sense

His and Hers Shower - "This shower offers a wonderful opportunity to include the hubby-to-be in the celebration, and it is usually planned with humor," says Sachs. Themes can be worked around the couples' interests and needs, everything from art, music, and literature to boating, camping, and home improvement. Others might incorporate television themes (think "Survivor", "Friends", "Who Wants to be a Millionaire"). "I call one hilarious theme 'The Wedding Ceremony,' " says Sachs, "where guests dress as if they are in the wedding party and then exaggerate to the point of humorous horror all phases of the wedding day (the walk down the aisle, the vows, the music). "It's really zany fun and a real photo-op."

TIP: His and Hers wedding showers now take place at venues of interest to the couple such as golf courses, bowling alleys, art galleries, shopping malls, sports events or even work. And to take advantage of the photo-ops, be sure to supply guests with a single-use wedding camera.

Men-Only Shower - "It can be a riot when the guys are required to behave and participate as the ladies do," says Sachs. A spoof on the typical bridal shower with fancy foods and giggle games to start the event, this shower at some graceful point kicks into a Pizza and Beer Party. Gifts can be tools, electronic gadgets, and gizmos. Or gifts can accommodate a passion or hobby, say cooking or photography.

TIP: For the guy who might cringe at the concept of a shower, spoof or not, there is the Male-Bash. An "out-and-about" festivity such as a bowling, golf, tennis, or softball, the Male-Bash can be culminated with some good food and beverage, perhaps even some manly gifts, like a golf clock key chain, a swiss military knife, or an NFL team logo zippo lighter.

No-host Shower - "This shower is becoming very popular," says Sachs. Each guest pays for her own food/beverage at a nice restaurant or country club. The gift is usually significant and expensive, given cooperatively by the group. The shower organizers usually provide invitations, favors, entertainment and gift selection.

TIP: Bridal registry is far more than tabletop these days. Now couples are registered for computers, do-it-yourself supplies, sports equipment, gourmet/gadgets, furniture, you name it. Finding a shower gift to fit the "significant" requirement should be no problem.

Room-Of-The-House Shower - Guests bring gifts to be used in a designated room of the house. Hosts give information such as the color scheme, furnishing style and special suggestions on the invitation.

TIP: Brides can thank their thoughtful guests with their own "Room-Of-The-House" shower favor: orchid soap to perch in a powder room soap dish, or an engraved silver plated bottle opener to compliment the bar.

Let's-Get-Organized Shower - Guests bring gifts designed to help the bride get and stay organized in every room of the house as well as in her life. Planner books and file boxes are great gift ideas. They can be found in just about every color and motif imaginable, and are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to gifts that scream structure.

TIP: Brides can also get organized with a silk brocade guest book and pen set.

Busy Bride Shower - "This is innovative, fun, and a real life-saver for most brides," says Sachs. Throw a shower to help the bride complete one of her wedding projects, like making favors or decorations. A long table can serve as the craft station then be transformed into a dining table for after-work snacks.

TIP: Give shower gifts - cellophane favor kits and decorative ribbon to add to the bride's craft cache.

White Elephant Shower - Guests are instructed to bring the most gosh-awful items, wrapped as serious gifts without letting on that the gifts are purposely dreadful. After the laughter dies down, the real gifts are bestowed.

TIP: "Always consult good friends or family members of the couple if you have any doubts about the appropriateness of your theme scheme. The goal is never to insult or embarrass," says Sachs.

And one final note: "The shower is the only event that truly requires a gift, and that includes the wedding," says Sachs. "The idea is literally, 'to shower' the bride with presents." To find out more about showers and parties of every description visit wedding planning website.

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