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During the wedding planning phase, there will be a number of different showers and parties, as a way of celebrating the couples upcoming wedding. One with a long traditional is the bridal shower. Although this particular shower has traditionally been geared toward the bride, today, more and more couples are leaning toward a coed gathering.

If the bridal shower will be large, an excellent way to keep track of all the guests is to have a guestbook where each person signs in upon arrival. Make sure the book includes he name but also their address and phone number. This way, when you receive gifts, you will have the addresses needed for sending out thank you notes.

In addition to gift giving, the bridal shower is a time for close family and friends to gather and celebrate the joining of two people they love. During this time, there will be wonderful food and drink, as well as games. A great option is to have a cake, which can actually be decorated anyway you like.

For instance, you can make a whimsical cake, something colorful and more sophisticated, or even tarts or petit fours. Choose fresh flavors such as cherry, strawberry, or pina colada. In addition to the cake, you can serve miniature quiche, fresh vegetables and fruit, cold cucumber and pumpkin soup, and other favorites that everyone will love.

You might also consider making nametags for everyone to include the name but also their relationship to the bride, groom, or both. This is especially nice if there will be guests that do not know each other, giving them an opening line of introduction. The goal is to make the guests feel welcomed and comfortable.

The great thing about bridal showers is that they can be simple to include a gathering like a barbecue, luau, or pool party, or very elegant in which case you might choose to reserve space at a local restaurant, hotel, or museum. Theme bridal parties are also very popular and a lot of fun.

For example, if you wanted something outdoors, you could find a shelter house where you could put out folding picnic tables and bales of hay. Cover the tables with red and white checkered tablecloths, creating a western look. Next, have a big bonfire burning where the guests could roast hotdogs, grilled vegetables, and marshmallows.

Then for dessert, everyone could sit around and make Smores while singing or enjoy music from a hired Country and Western band. Again, just remember that a bridal shower does not have to be expensive to be successful. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and planning.

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