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If you are getting ready to organize a bridal shower but instead of the same type of shower every bride has, you want something exceptional to be remembered, with good planning, you can create a memory that will be cherished! Why have something ordinary when you can have guests leaving with big smiles on their faces, excited to have been a part of the best bridal shower ever! To help you create a bridal shower that will not soon be forgotten, consider the following recommendations:

No Women Allowed

Yes, why not have a bridal shower that is for men only. You would be amazed at how much fun the men have. Just like women, they will laugh, play games, enjoy pizza and beer, and have a blast. The only difference is that instead of receiving things that women (and some men) would enjoy for the home along with lingerie, the men would be given things they like such as power tools, electronic gadgets, boxers, and so on.

If the groom has a particular hobby such as golfing, tennis, cycling, fishing, hunting, etc. then the shower could be themed to accommodate. In this case, he might receive new golf balls, a new tennis racket, fishing pole and lures, and so on. If you find that the men bulk at the idea of sitting around to have a bridal shower, it can be created differently. In this case, the shower could be scheduled at the local bowling alley or golf course.

Couples Shower

Today, it is quite common to find showers created for both the bride and groom. This way, they can enjoy the various gifts that they will use together. Again, the best option is to choose a theme that goes along with the couples interest and/or lifestyle. For example, you might consider putting a game night together where all the guests get involved in board games. Another good idea if you live near the beach, a lake is to have the shower on the sand, or you could book a boat for the shower.

Room Shower

This type of shower is one where all the gifts are geared toward one room of the house. The nice thing about a room shower is that it is perfect for first time marriages or couples remarrying. For instance, for the young, first time couple they probably have one room that needs more things than another room. Therefore, they might choose to have the master bathroom or kitchen as their focal room.

For couples that already have things from previous marriages, many times, their furnishings are outdated and used. In this case, they can choose one room that they would like all new items for, making this an ideal choice!

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