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Out of Town Bachelorette Parties

What happens if you are getting married and want something different for your bachelorette party, or perhaps are the maid of honor hosting the party and you want to do something special? You might consider having the bachelorette party in a different location than where everyone lives. For example, you could have everyone take a trip to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas!

If your budget can afford going out of town and the other members of the bridal party agree, then this is an excellent opion in that it is exciting and unique. The key to an out of town bachelorette party is good planning. Since you will be trying to get six to twelve people to one destination for a party, you obviously want to secure the best rate possible. Therefore, while you could work directly with the airlines or a travel agency, you might also check out prices on the internet through,, or

Another excellent option that will save you even more money is to try out or The only disadvantages here is that you will not know the time you fly or the airlines until after you have purchased the ticket. While the times are generally great and the airlines always top of the line, you still take a slight risk in that you might arrive at your destination late or have to take an early morning flight back home. However, if you are flexible and not concerned with that, then these are great options.

You can also save huge on restaurants, especially with larger parties. Visit and you can pull up the city where you plan to travel to see what restaurants are offering discount coupons. For example, you can easily purchase one, two, three, or more dinners for $10 but the coupon is actually worth $25! The same is true for finding restaurant and travel coupons through Simply conduct a search for travel coupons and you will find a number of savings for usually less than $5.

While there are so many different places to consider going, we have provided our top two picks:
  • New York is always a great place to visit. First, it is generally inexpensive to arrive in New York and there are hundreds of things to do and see. You can choose to have your bachelorette party at a number of places and will never be bored.

  • Las Vegas is another outstanding place in that getting there is very affordable and because you can always find discounts at hotels and restaurants, everyone would be able the price and the atmosphere is exciting!

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