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For your upcoming wedding, you want the rehearsal dinner to be a memorable occasion, a time with special family and friends that is actually a very important part of your wedding. If you think about it, a wedding is like a tree with many branches. All these things are going on at once, extending out from the main trunk, the wedding. The rehearsal dinner is one more limb, which is why it is so important.

One of the factors associated with the rehearsal dinner is the cost. Depending on how you and your future spouse ant to set this up, you have a number of options. The traditional option is for the grooms family to pay for the dinner but more and more, the cost is being divided by both the bride and grooms parents or simply paid for by the bride and groom themselves.

When planning your rehearsal dinner, keep in mind that you want to choose a location that will be comfortable for everyone attending. Even if you have it at an elegant hotel, you want the atmosphere to be light and fun. When you think of it, the months of planning the wedding have consisted of nerves being tested and emotions running high. The wedding day itself, even if casual, will be stressful as well. Therefore, you need the break, a time just to let down and have fun without all the responsibilities. The rehearsal dinner is the ideal opportunity.

To get started, you need to determine the budget based on the number of invitees. From there, you can begin scouting around for locations that fit within that budget and are appropriate for the guests. Be sure you identify the costs for everything to include renting the location, the food, drinks, and gratuity. If you find that the locations seem to all be too expensive, then get creative.

For example, you could have an outdoor luau or barbecue. This way, everyone can show up dressed casual and not feel as though everything is so stiff. For the luau, you could have a pig roast to include music, lighted torches, and leis for the guests, and a spread of all types of Polynesian foods. For the barbecue, inexpensive hay bales could be set about for chairs, a country western band, and Texas style barbecue food. In other words, you can have an amazing non-traditional rehearsal dinner just as you can have one that is traditional the choice is yours to make.

Regarding the guests, obviously, this will include the bride and groom, their parents, the wedding party, brothers, sisters, close friends, and out of town guests. The important thing is to surround yourself with people important to you and those that will make you feel relaxed and help you enjoy the occasion.

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