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After dating the love of your life for years, he finally surprised you with an engagement ring, asking you to share his life with him. This moment is the dream of most women, hoping that one day they too will fall in love and marry their best friend. When you reach this milestone in your life, the emotions will be running high. Now, as you pick up the phone and start calling family and friends, they too will be overjoyed.

It will not be too long after telling everyone about your new engagement that you will be approched by a close friend or family member asking if he or she can throw you an engagement party. This event is the beginning of many miniature milestones leading up to the big wedding day.

You could think of the engagement party as the pre-season for a professional football team. This is just one of many exciting steps you will take along the journey. The engagement party is scheduled at the very beginning, whether the wedding date is six months or two years away. Remember, this is a celebration for the engagement, not the wedding.

You can choose to have a small, intimate party with just close friends and family members, or something full-blown. The most important thing is to invite those individuals who are the closest to the future bride and groom. The nice thing about an engagement party is that the rules are very loose. This is generally just a special time to get together, share in the joy of a future union, and admire the brides new engagement ring.

For this type of party, although it can be hosted by anyone, if you go the traditional route then the brides parents would throw the party. However, many times both bride and grooms parents will go in on this party together. The best advice is that whoever chooses to throw the party, just be sure the bride and groom are consulted, primarily on the guest list. The last thing you want to do is overlook someone important to the couple.

Start by talking to the bride and groom to determine a date that works best with their schedule. You should plan this party several months out so everyone can set their schedules. During this time, it will be important to send out invitations but also communicate with the attendees closer to the date so it does not get lost.

Then, you will need to choose the location of the engagement party. Typically, someones private residence, a hotel, or restaurant would be the ideal locations. However, if you want to be a bit more creative, you could have something outdoors at your local park, museum, and lake, beach, on a boat, art gallery, or vineyard. Just base your decision on the couples preference and the budget.

Just make sure you have your budget in place before you begin any planning. This will require that you call around to a few locations to get prices on dinners and activities so you have comparisons. Then, once you know what can be afforded, you can choose the type of engagement party to throw. Keep in mind, that even a potluck at a friends home is a great idea. The engagement party does not have to cost a fortune, just be a wonderful celebration for the newly engaged couple.

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