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As the guest of a wedding, you probably want to get copies of photographs that you can treasure. Although there will be a professional photographer, many guests prefer to bring their own camera so they can capture photographs that are important to them. If you plan to attend a wedding in the near future and are interested in taking photographs, then you will need some guidelines to follow:

First, you need to respect the professional photographer, making sure that you never get in his or her way. Since the couple has spent significant money hiring the photographer, the last thing you want to do is cause problems. However, most photographers are hired to shoot specific shots, leaving the opportunities for you wide open.

For example, you would see numerous candid shots that might include the bride and groom exchanging vows, the lighting of the unity candle, exchanging of the rings, the kiss, and so on. Just remember that many photographs that the couple might want will not be captured. Just a quick example would include photographs at the reception.

The table shots, although not always purchased, are generally taken by the photographer. However, as the couple begins looking at all the wedding shots they want, they quickly run out of money, leaving the others to be wasted. As the guest, you can help by taking tons of good quality reception photographs. Then, if you were unsure what to offer as a gift, you could create your own wedding album, presenting them with shots that they would have otherwise missed.

For instance, they may have a great-grandmother dancing with a small child but because they were busy cutting the cake, they missed it. Perhaps a small boy and girl have followed in the steps of the adults, dancing but again, with the couple trying to make their way around the room to visit with everyone, they did not see it. With the photographs you take, you can capture these and other valuable shots that will be cherished for life.

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