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Key Wedding Pictures

For most weddings and receptions, the bride and groom will work closely with the professional photographer to ensure all the preferred shots are captured. Sometimes, the shots are traditional and posed while other times, they are candid. Regardless of the style of photography you want for your wedding, some shots are the most important, as you will see from the list below.

Keep in mind that you can choose whatever you like since this is your wedding. However, along with the freedom to choose and the creativity that you have you probably want traditional shots that will become an important part of your life as you move forward as husband and wife. After all, the wedding album will eventually be set aside and looked at less and less. Therefore, when you do bring it out to remember this joyous occasion, you want to ensure that along with the special photographs, you also have the ones that are more traditional and include all the people you love.

For the bride, the traditional photographs would include:
  • Preparing prior to the wedding ceremony
  • Putting her veil on
  • Dressed in her gown
  • The bride putting her mothers corsage and her fathers boutonniere on
  • The bride standing with both parents
  • The bride alone with her father and then alone with her mother
  • The bride with any stepparents, grandparents, and brother and/or sister
  • The bride with the Maid of Honor, the Bridesmaids, Flower Girl, and Ring Bearer
For the groom, the traditional photographs would include:
  • Preparing prior to the wedding ceremony
  • The groom with his mother and father
  • The groom alone with his father and then alone with his mother
  • The groom with stepparents, grandparents, and brothers and/or sisters
  • The groom with his Best Man and the other Groomsmen
  • The groom with the brides mother and father
For the ceremony, you would choose:
  • Musicians and vocalists playing/singing
  • The guests as they are seated
  • The groom standing at the front with the Best Man and Groomsmen
  • The Bridal party, Flower Girl, and Ring Bearer as they come down the aisle
  • The bride walking down the aisle with her father
  • The brides father giving her hand in marriage to the groom
  • The couple exchanging their wedding vows
  • The lighting of the unity candle
  • The exchange of rings
  • Kissing as the newly married couple
  • The couple and wedding party as they make their way to the back of the church after the wedding ceremony is complete

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