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The individuals that will stand up with you in your wedding typically include close siblings, other family members, and best friends. These individuals are people that have been an important part of your life and that have stood by you through thick and thin.

While tradition consists of a wedding party of anywhere from four to eight people in he bridal party matched by the same number of groomsmen, he arrangements today are changing somewhat. For instance, any concern over gender or he number being equal has faded. You will een find male brides standing up with the bride, although they are called bridal assistants.

The primary key in choosing your wedding party is to remember that there are no hard rules to follow. Typically, you choose the individuals you want, the gender you want, the age you want, color, number, and so on. The purpose of the wedding party is to serve as witnesses to this all-important event.

Probably the most challenging decision after choosing the people is what they will wear. Most members of the wedding party have their own style and body type, which means trying to please everyone, can sometimes be difficult. The best option is to talk to the wedding party, asking what things they do not like. For example, you might have a bridesmaid that is heavier than the others are and might feel uncomfortable and awkward wearing a strapless gown, or perhaps one of the bridesmaids has bright red hair, meaning that pink would probably not be a good color choice.

When it comes to the processional, the bridesmaids and groomsmen generally walk down the aisle as individuals, meeting at the front of the church. However, you can also pair the bridesmaids and groomsmen off, so they are now walking down the aisle together. The decision is yours to make and either option is perfectly fine. Another option that you will sometimes see is when the bridesmaids walk in pairs, then meeting the groomsmen at the front of the church.

A new trend that is actually quite nice is to have the wedding party stand in a semi-circle, alternating female and male. You and your future spouse would then stand to where you are partially surrounded by your circle of friends while being pronounced husband and wife. Since this would only be done during this one part of the ceremony, the view for the guests would not be blocked.

Just remember, you have special time set aside for practicing. When you go to the church for your rehearsal, make sure everyone pays attention. This will help them feel more confident in what they are supposed to do before, during, and after the ceremony, which will also help them enjoy the occasion more.

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