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Of all the days of your life, you want your wedding day captured so that years down the road, you and your extended family can enjoy it. By planning, you can create an amazing show that will be cherished for a lifetime. As you will see from the tips listed below, being successful at this is not difficult, as long as you know what to do.

Think about the people that will receive a copy of the show. For example, if you plan to share it with just your close family and friends, then you might choose to have more family shots taken whereas if you plan to share it with a broader audience, then perhaps you would consider shots of the guests, scenery, and so on.

Although you might be tempted to have a huge slide show together, you would create a better show if you keep it at 8 to 12 minutes in length. Try to keep the pictures at no more than 100 and 4 songs. You will find that the people watching the show enjoy it more and it becomes a more professional presentation.

Be very careful with the photographs you choose to include in the show. While it might be tempting to include them all, make sure you use only photographs that are quality. In other words, stay away from photos that have torn corners, are faded, and not centered, and so on.

Make the slide show fun and exciting. To accomplish this, use many different types of photographs that start from a young age and move all the way through the wedding. Guests and family will love looking at the variety, seeing each of you growing up into adults that fall in love and marry.

Use photographs that are formatted in landscape. If you have photographs that are portrait, save them to landscape before you use them. They just look nicer and to complete the look, you can use a nice border.

Include music to your slid show and choose songs that go well with the show. For example, there might be some areas of the show that require fun, lively songs while other photographs that would look best with a soft, instrumental playing in the background.

Animation is another way to enhance your slide show. By using Microsoft PowerPoint, you can add all types of motion that will make your slide show look incredible. In addition to the animation, be sure you transition your photographs so they glide gently from one to another.

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