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Attending weddings is something that most everyone does at one time or another and with summertime coming, chances are you will be attending one or more weddings. Typically, when a guest attends a wedding, they will take a camera to capture photos that are important to him or her. If you have weddings to attend and want to take your own photos, the following tips will help you capture the best pictures possible.

First, keep in mind that although there will probably be a professional photographer there to take the traditional wedding photographs there is no reason why you too cannot take photos of your own. The only thing to remember is that you want to allow the professional time and space to do his or her job. This means that you should not take photographs during the actual wedding but save your shots for after the wedding and during the reception.

Many times, a professional photographer will spend more time taking shots of the couple and the actual wedding. This means that the reception is the prime time for you to take candid shots that the bride and groom might otherwise not see. However, if you plan to take photos at the reception, you need to do it as though you were a professional. This means taking shots of guests while standing and sitting, avoiding taking pictures of empty plates after a meal, and keeping the shots on the faces of guests.

If you want to take photographs at the actual wedding, you should always talk to the photographer first. In most cases, he or she will ask that you wait until the ceremony is over and all of the paid for photographs are complete. This is especially true if you use flash, which could destroy the photos taken by the pro. Your best option is to have the couple and/or family stay just a few extra minutes so you can take a few photographs. Although it might be tempting to take tons of photographs, as the guest, you need to abide by the rules of etiquette.

When the couple leaves the church is an excellent time to capture photos. As the couple finishes with the receiving line and exits the building heading toward the car, you could capture several great shots.

Many couples are now buying disposable cameras on the tables at the reception so that all the guests can have fun taking candid shots. If you find this to be the case at the weddings you attend, again just show respect to the other guests as they too enjoy snapping pictures. In this case, while they are focusing on one area, you can keep your eyes open for different type shots that could be missed. Then, you can put a small album together for the bride and groom so that as they return from the honeymoon, they can now see everything that went on during the reception while they were busy cutting cake, tossing the bouquet and garter, and dancing the night away.

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