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Wedding Pictures - Timing

Wedding pictures are the main memory most couples will have of their special wedding day once time has passed. Looking through the wedding album or scrapbook is something that children and grandchildren will enjoy for years to come. For this reason, having the right pictures captured at your wedding is crucial and with the right timing, you will have everything you want. The key is working closely with a professional photographer that knows not just what photos to take but when to take them.

Let us first talk abou the old tradition of not allowing the bride and groom to see on another prior to the start of the wedding. Legend says that if they do, they will have bad luck. This tradition actually dates back to hundreds of years when marriages between a young woman and man were determined by the parents. It was believed that if the groom saw his bride before the ceremony, he would not like the woman the parents chose and would thereby flee. Although arranged marriages in the US and other countries is outdated, the tradition of lifting the veil still exists, which was when the groom would traditionally see his bride for the first time.

When it comes to wedding pictures, many couples are now choosing to have the formal photographs taken before the wedding, which allows more time for the couple to visit with family and guests. This means the couple would see each other and rather than looking as this as something unlucky, you could look at it as a private and romantic time together. Although some couples still become uneasy when they think about having photographs taken prior to the ceremony, in reality, there are many advantages.
  • Guests are not left waiting for long amounts of time at the reception

  • The photographer has more time to take photographs since he or she is not rushed to hurry things along so the couple can get to their waiting guests

  • Everything is still fresh the flowers, the brides hair, the gowns, and so on

  • The couple, the family, and the wedding party are much more at ease in that they are not rushed. In fact, the photographs being taken before the wedding can actually calm the nerves of everyone when the real ceremony arrives.

  • Depending on the photographer chosen, you might actually receive some type of bonus or discount for going this route
If you choose to have photographs taken before the wedding ceremony, you will be able to gaze into each others eyes and gain a wonderful level of confidence. Just remember that you need to keep things somewhat distant. For example, if the two of you see each other first at the altar of the church, you can look at each other but this is not the time to talk. In other words, you want to keep some of the mystique for the actual ceremony.

Keep in mind that choosing to have photographs taken prior to the ceremony is a personal choice. Some couples prefer to go the traditional route while others opt to have the pictures taken upfront so they can spend more time with family and friends. There is no wrong or right in this decision, just what works best for you.

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