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Photographer Selection

Getting ready for your wedding is an exciting yet exhausting time. You will find that many decisions need to be made including the choice of photographer. While many of your choices are important, without doubt choosing the person that will capture your wedding on film or video is one of the most important. This individual should work closely with you so he or she can capture the personality and relationship you have with your soon to be spouse, creating a memory that will last a lifetime. To make the right choice, the most important thng you can do is plan far enough from the wedding so you are not rushed in making your decision. Then, the following are other key factors that should be considered:

You need to find a photographer that will choose a style that is the best for you. Keep in mind as you begin your search, photographers are categorized in three ways. The first is a photojournalist, the second is the traditional wedding photographer, and the thirds is one that can do it all, including videographer. You and your future spouse will need to look at various photography options and then determine the style you like best. If you want a traditional wedding album, then you want traditional or posed shots. If you want, something a little more contemporary, black and white photographers or a combination with posed would be a great choice and you would do best with a photojournalist.

After looking at friend and family members wedding photo albums or scouring the internet, make a list of the types of things important to you. If you see something unusual or unique, perhaps you can borrow the photo to take with you as you interview various photographers.

Set up interviews with several photographers and never just settle on the first one you meet. In addition to choosing a photographer that will work with you to capture the right type of photos, one that has good references, and one that is within your budget, it is also just as important to choose a photographer that you are comfortable working with. If the photographer is too forceful and not willing to be flexible, then this should be a red flag. Instead, you want a photographer that will listen to your concerns and freely answer questions while offering professional advice and solutions.

Educating yourself on the technical aspects of wedding photography is an area where most people fail. Find out about the different options and then ask questions. For example, will the photographer use just 35mm or shoot in medium format? This is important in that if only 35mm is used, should you decide after the wedding to have a photograph blown up into the size of a poster, you would be out of luck. However, if shooing in medium, then the negative could be used for the larger size while keeping a clean, crisp finish.

Effects are also important and can add class and elegance to a traditional post. Be sure to question if any special effects are used such as infrared film, fish-eye lenses, or sepia tone prints. Make sure the photographer already has lots of experience using effects and that he or she will not be using your particular wedding to learn.

Finally, always follow up on references. You can ask for them but if you do not follow up to see how other clients were treated and how well they liked their wedding photographs, then you are taking a chance that you will be satisfied with the final product.

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